lawyer career change

Deciding to leave the law is no easy decision. You’ve worked incredibly hard to get where you are today and the thought of making a career change at this stage in the came can seem daunting, if not outright overwhelming. The idea of making a lawyer career change might be keeping you up at night, it might be preventing you from performing at your best but it’s not something you should run away from. If you’re unhappy in your career as a lawyer, the only person who can make a change for the better is you. But you don’t have figure it out all at once and take the plunge over night. As an article from Above the Law put’s it, you should try to “relax into leaving…”

We don’t need to figure it all out. Instead, let’s relax into leaving and being happy and let the process organically begin. Let’s calmly picture ourselves doing something else we enjoy. But it’s not for everyone. It’s only for people who want to leave the law now.

The idea here is that you already know how driven you can be. You already know what you can attain and what you can endure in order to succeed. You also know the incredible skill set that you have acquired through going to law school and your work as an attorney so far. These are all transferable skills that you can apply to a wide range of alternative careers such as a law professor, legal analyst, or maybe even a recruiter. The possibilities are literally endless. You just need to take time to explore your options. Take the time to relax into the idea of changing careers and make sure you do it right.

Making a lawyer career change is something you can do if you think you will make you happier. And, you don’t need to navigate the entire process alone. Exploring your options with an Attorney Career Coach, someone with experience helping legal professionals change careers, can help ensure you land solidly on your feet when you take the leap and can see the path ahead clearly and confidently.

Make a Lawyer Career Change