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Who Can Benefit from Executive Coaching?

If you are looking for an Executive Career Coach in Short Hills, Madison, Morristown, Summit, NJ and surrounding areas, I can help.

Do your managers have trouble giving timely and candid feedback and writing meaningful performance appraisals? Do they need to delegate more and let their teams take greater responsibility in decision-making? Do they need help playing to their staff’s strengths and motivating their teams to achieve higher levels of performance? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then my executive coaching services will benefit your company.

Executive coaching can teach your managers the skills they need to become great leaders. Leadership does not always come naturally. My executive coaching is designed to take the high-potential individuals your organization has already identified and provide them the tools they need to become the future leaders in the company. Each move up the corporate ladder requires new skills, deeper insights and the ability to act confidently and nimbly under constant change and pressure. As an executive coach, I can be there for support and guidance when dealing with complex people and business issues.

Real World Success, Specialized Expertise

If you are considering seeking executive management coaching, you will need someone with successful real world experience and specialized expertise in drawing the best potential out of individuals and organizations. My extensive professional background, expertise and practical skills will help you develop your presence as a leader, increase the effectiveness of your organization, tackle any challenges and discover new opportunities to expand the success in your business.

Extensive Executive Experience

During my successful legal career that spanned over twenty years, I worked at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, the New York Stock Exchange, FINRA and Prudential.  I held management and executive positions over the course of my corporate, regulatory, and prosecutorial career.  I have expertise in reorganizing staff, diversifying experience and optimizing resources and have been described as an exceptional leader and communicator with a track record of collaborating with business leaders to drive organizational improvement and large-scale cultural change.

Education and Approach

I hold a law degree from Boston College School of Law and a BA from Cornell University. I also earned Professional Certifications in Career Coaching and Life Coaching.  My work is grounded in empirically validated techniques for assessing and developing individual and organizational potential, identifying and overcoming barriers to success, and enabling far greater levels of achievement.

If you are looking for a Career Coach in Short Hills, Maplewood, Morristown, Summit, NJ and surrounding areas, you’ve come to the right place.

Comments from a few former colleagues and team members:

“Julie was known for being an extremely hard working, organized and prepared attorney… and a team player!!”  LH

“Julie was known for being decisive, intelligent, and had the ability to motivate her team… through her guidance and vision.”  MP

“Julie was a manager who adapted her management style to the needs and skills of the individuals who reported to her and who would support her team and others… led through trust and respect… would take responsibility and accountability for her opinions, decisions and actions.” PR

“She was known for fairness, integrity, objectivity, decision making, patience, humor, kindness, helpfulness and excellence.” DS

“Julie’s hallmark was her strategic problem solving… that inspired confidence in your work from your subordinates, your own manager and the leaders in other business lines. Nobody worried that a matter was not going to end well if she was responsible for the resolution.”  CS

 “Julie was a manager of people who consistently tried to improve the workplace and a very respected individual in the company and someone who was very smart and knowledgeable… known as [a] partner … who was not afraid to give an opinion even if even if it was not the “popular” thing to do.  As a result, her colleagues and business partners appreciated, respected and sought out her guidance on various issues and highly valued your input/opinion on those issues. She developed people on her staff and was not afraid to have tough conversations with them in order to help them develop and perform at a higher level.” TS



Experience You Can Trust

Julie Han - life transition coach Summit NJ
Julie Han - life transition coach Summit NJ
Julie Han - life transition coach Summit NJ
Julie Han - life transition coach Summit NJ
Julie Han - life transition coach Summit NJ

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