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Are you looking for a Career Coach in New Jersey, New York and beyond?

Whether you are reinventing your career, pursuing a significant goal or reentering the workforce, my successful experience and specialized expertise can help you set a plan and get you where you want to be. I help clients clarify their priorities and aspirations so they can make lasting changes for a happier, successful life.

This page describes the general steps of my life career coaching process but I also develop fully personalized career coaching plans that focus on the specific areas that are most important to you. These career coaching plans are effective and are designed to accomplish your objectives quickly. My life career coaching clients are often able to achieve their goals in as few as 4 to 6 sessions.

Three Main Phases of Career Coaching


As a Career Coach in NJ, let me help you get to the next level in your career. First, we will spend some time defining your priorities and clarifying where you want to be in the next stage of your career. We will examine your values and priorities.  We will also determine what obstacles may be present and how we can overcome them. This phase in career coaching is an enlightening experience that typically reveals new insights, expanded options and helps us develop a strategy on how we can work together to accomplish your goals.


Next, we will determine how you can best use your strengths and resources to get to where you want to go. During this phase of the career coaching process, we will likely uncover unrealized skills and options that you have available to you that will help us achieve your ultimate objectives.


Finally, we will develop and implement a plan to accomplish your objectives. We will decide what practical steps we need to take, eliminate any concrete issues standing in your way and then set you in the right direction to successfully achieve your career goals.

My career coaching practice in NJ draws on my extensive professional experience at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, the New York Stock Exchange, FINRA and Prudential as well as my education from Cornell University and Boston College School of Law. My career coaching approach is rooted in positive psychology and focuses on helping you take practical steps to achieve your goals.



“I began working with Julie at a time when I was very unhappy with my job. Under Julie’s coaching I moved out of a department where I had been stuck for 13 years and moved into a new area where I increased my salary by 20% and enjoy my new role. Julie assisted me through this major employment change and supported me through the transition. She helped me learn how to make life and work fun.”   Jeff P.

Financial Planner

“I consider myself lucky to have been connected to Julie. She is professional, caring, and really wants the best for her clients. I am impressed with how impeccable her listening skills are and she is able to assess a path to help. I really liked how easily it is to get along with Julie. I’d highly recommend Julie to anyone who is looking for guidance, help, and support on their career. She is inspiring and just such a joy to work with.” Celine Castleman

Operations Management

“Julie’s career advising produces fantastic results! Her honest advice has effectively helped me get to where I am. If you want to make a career change for the better then I highly recommend working with Julie.” Claire Abely

Business Operations Coordinator

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Julie Han - life transition coach Summit NJ
Julie Han - life transition coach Summit NJ
Julie Han - life transition coach Summit NJ
Julie Han - life transition coach Summit NJ
Julie Han - life transition coach Summit NJ

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