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Are you an attorney aiming for greater success in your career?

Are you an attorney looking for a new legal career or even an entire career change?

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If you want to elevate your legal career or if you are considering a career transition but confused about what direction to take, my attorney career coaching can help you. I am making a special offer to attorneys who need assistance in their careers. With an introductory price of only $149, I will provide you with a career assessment that will help us explore your career aspirations, your job search goals or your career change objectives. This career assessment includes a 45-minute phone consultation as well as a comprehensive evaluation form that will help bring clarity to important questions such as:

  • Your personal values
  • What motivates you
  • Your Income expectations
  • Your work values
  • Your ideal workday

$149 Introductory Career Assessment

Why Work With Me?

Been There — Done That!

When considering whether to engage an attorney career coach, you will need someone with successful real world experience and specialized expertise in drawing the best potential out of you. Before I became a coach, I was a successful attorney, practicing for over 20 years in Manhattan, Philadelphia and Newark. I have an extensive legal background and worked in various fields and in different roles at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, the New York Stock Exchange, FINRA and Prudential. I held management and executive positions during the course of my corporate, regulatory, and prosecutorial career. I loved working in each of these jobs and I genuinely enjoyed the practice of law.

Education and Approach

I hold a law degree from Boston College School of Law and a BA from Cornell University. I also earned Professional Certifications in Career Coaching and Life Coaching.  My practice is grounded in empirically validated techniques for assessing and developing individual potential, identifying and overcoming barriers to success, and enabling greater levels of achievement.


First, we will spend some time defining your priorities and clarifying where you want to be in the next stage of your career. We will set practical goals on how to get you there. This phase in coaching is an enlightening experience that typically reveals new insights, expanded options and helps us develop a strategy on how we can work together to accomplish your goals. This assessment alone will provide you with invaluable insight and is a part of my overall coaching process.  I am making it available here for just $149 so you can determine if you want to proceed further with a full coaching engagement.


Next, we will determine how you can best use your strengths and resources to get to where you want to go. During this phase, we will likely uncover unrealized strengths and resources that you have available to you that will help us achieve your ultimate objectives, whether you are trying to elevate your position at your current employer, aiming to practice law at a more prestigious firm, or are considering a bigger move like a lawyer-to-teacher career change.


Finally, we will develop and implement a plan to accomplish your objectives. We will decide what practical steps we need to take, eliminate any concrete issues standing in your way and then set you in the right direction to successfully achieve your career goals.

$149 Introductory Career Assessment


Experience You Can Trust

Julie Han - life transition coach Summit NJ
Julie Han - life transition coach Summit NJ
Julie Han - life transition coach Summit NJ
Julie Han - life transition coach Summit NJ
Julie Han - life transition coach Summit NJ

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