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If you feel as though you are always working hard but not getting enough notice for it, you’re not alone. It can happen because others are taking credit for your work or because management or the company at large is taking your accomplishments for granted. If this is the case, consider these tips for ways to get noticed at work.


Be Solution-Oriented

Employees think they’re being helpful by bringing issues to the attention of their boss. If those issues aren’t accompanied by suggested solutions, then the employee is labeled as the bearer of bad news. Don’t fall into the trap of being problem-focused. Bring to the table a couple of realistic ideas as possible solutions for the challenge before you knock on your manager’s door.


Raise Your Hand

When people are asked to step up to the plate to help with important projects or to serve on a committee, jump in and volunteer. A company’s expectation is often that employees do work hard and accomplish the tasks set before them – even if it feels like you are one of the few who do. One way to step out of this circumstance is to make it known that you are going to tackle more than the person next to you.


Watch the Clock

career coaching in njWatch the clock in a good way. Don’t be first to leave; be first to arrive. Be there early enough that you have time to use the bathroom, put your lunch away, and get your coffee before you clock in. Once you do clock in, get straight to work.


Keep a “Me” File

Each time you accomplish something, throw it in your “Me” File. If you receive a thank you note or email, put it in. If someone recognizes you for something at a meeting, jot it down for the file. The file doesn’t have to be pretty or organized; it’s a catch-all place that you’ll pull out when it’s time to do the self-review portion of your performance appraisal.

When you’re working on the self-review, don’t be shy. This is your opportunity to put into writing what you’ve accomplished.


Be a Resource

Don’t get tunnel vision. Look beyond your office walls and see how you can help others. Get to know people in other departments. Build relationships with them and let them know that you want to be a resource to them. Make sure to follow through on the offer to help when they need it.


Praise Others

Recognize the achievements of co-workers and praise them publicly. Be sure to do it in a genuine way, without sounding patronizing. This is the sign of a good leader. You may not be in a leadership role yet, but embodying the traits of a good leader will help decision-makers see you as one.


Don’t Lose Sight of Why You’re There

Make sure you’re paying close attention to the goals that have been set for you. Be sure that you’re exceeding expectations before moving on to anything additional. Volunteering for committees and being a resource to others will be meaningless if you’re not also doing the job they’re paying you to do.

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