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Are you unhappy in your current career? We’ve all gone through periods where we daydream of taking the leap and making a career change.  Sometimes it may be something drastic like making a lawyer to doctor career change, or other times maybe something less dramatic like changing careers to a similar industry to your current line of work. Dreaming about making a career transition is as far as the process goes for many people because they are unsure of how to change careers without upturning their whole life. The good news is, if you can dream it, you can do it. A blog post from A Cup of Joe gives the delightful example of Julie Child and her several dramatic career changes over the years:

After all, Julia Child was an advertising manager and a spy (!) before she became the cook we know and love. So, over the last few weeks, I spoke to 10 people who went through major career changes. Not just switching jobs, but complete 180s — from an investment banker to a wedding planner, from a magazine editor to a psychologist, from an accessories designer to a nurse, and more.

Now Julie Child’s career path may be an extreme example but it certainly shows that anything is possible. If you’re in your current career an suffering from burnout, have hit a career plateau, are not making enough money or feel that your talents are going to waste, those are all valid reasons to start thinking about how to make a career change of your own.

Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate changing careers alone. You can tap into the experience and knowledge of a Career Coach who knows how to change careers and has helped people do it to help you with things like identifying your transferable skills, crafting a new resume aimed at your new industry, and helping you identify contacts in your existing network that might help you take the leap and successfully change careers. Contact me for a free career change consultation and let’s start planning to make your dreams a reality!

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