building employee confidence

A lack of confidence can cause employees to perform below their potential. With a constant fear of failure lurking, it is hard for some to fully devote to the task at hand. Here are some tips for executives to help build confidence in their business employees:

Use Respect

Take the time to build a relationship with your employees. No one wants to feel like they are being used on the job. By asking questions and listening to the response, you can build a working relationship based on respect and trust. Treat each employee like they are an important asset to the company, not expendable.

Give Specific Feedback

When handing out feedback, make sure it is specific. A blanket statement such as ‘nice job’ does not cover the specifics of the project, leaving the employee to wonder if they really did a good job or if you are just saying something in passing. By addressing certain aspects of the project, you will show your employees you care about the work they have done, boosting their confidence.

Let Them Teach Others

Identify the talents of your employees and give them a chance to showcase them. By giving employees the opportunity to utilize their skills, you will boost confidence and employee engagement. Further, encouraging employees to teach one another can help your entire office grow, and helps coworkers to invest in each other’s success. Pair up employees who lack confidence with more experienced fellow employees. Make sure they understand that they are not expected to completely mimic their coworkers, but to take what they’ve learned and make it their own.

Celebrate Improvements

A lack of appreciation can build up frustration and diminish morale. Further, waiting until the end of a project to issue positive feedback can be too long for some people. Instead, try celebrating or congratulating members of your team for victories along the way. By celebrating milestones, you will build momentum and confidence in and throughout the project. Pushing your team towards more is what leads to competitive growth and satisfaction for a job well-done.

Help with Preparation

Get in the trenches and lend a hand. If you are always standing on the outside looking in, you will never earn the mutual respect from your employees. Lending a hand in a project or sitting in on a meeting as a sounding board provides an opportunity for you to build that relationship and also issue positive feedback. With your knowledge and expertise, your team will be even more prepared and ready to deliver the pitch or the project with ease.

Encourage Them to Persevere

When the going gets tough, don’t let them quit. Mistakes can build, causing employees to feel a sense of inadequacy and failure. These negative feelings snowball, causing more mistakes and failures. Eventually, they lose all confidence and the project suffers. Instead, encourage employees to overcome mistakes. Help them to see mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow. Together you can provide the power to drive a project all the way to the finish line.

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