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There are many different careers to choose from. It can be extremely daunting to try to decide which career to pursue. There are a handful of popular options, including doctor, lawyer, and teacher, but sometimes these choices are not the most attractive options. It is important to spend time thinking in depth about what you might want to pursue, even if it is a less-conventional job.

What Excites You?

First, think about what excites you. Focus on your daily life; you should be able to point out something that makes you feel energized. It could be working on your car, reading a book, or any activity that you enjoy. If you can match your career to something that excites you, there is a higher chance you’ll be happy with your job.

However, a part of you must also be keeping in mind what you do well. Most of the time, passion is not enough to get yourself a good job. This may mean that one of your passions becomes a hobby, because you want to set yourself up for success as well as excitement.

Consider Your Environment

career coachIt is also important to consider the environment. Certain career environments match well with certain personalities. Think about what types of environment would align well with your character and take that into account. This may also include where you may want to live and what kind of lifestyle you want.

If you are really struggling thinking of ideas, you can take an online career test. Tests like these are all over the internet, and many of them can give you a very good idea of which job you would be able to succeed in.

Intern in Your Career Field

Another effective way to figure out if you would like a particular career is to accept an internship at a company in the industry you are considering. This will not only give you a better idea of what that career may be like, but it also will be an impressive addition to your resume.

Seeking out a mentor can also help you find your correct path. A mentor can give you ideas and insight into what the job entails and help you get a better idea about how much you would enjoy or succeed at it.

Strengths, Passions, Values

A steadfast way to help you clearly lay out what you want in a job is to use what is called the S+P+V formula. This combines your strengths, passion, and values. Chart all of these out and see if you can find a career that aligns with them.

Once you have decided on a career or a few careers, map out a possible career plan. This will outline various goals that you want to reach to be able to, ideally, achieve your dream job.

It’s a Winding Path

The most important thing to keep in mind as you are searching for your dream job is that nothing is linear. Your career plan will not be followed directly. You will take unexpected turns and twists on your career path. You may even end up excited about a completely different job than you initially decided.

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