Have you suddenly begun to feel overwhelmed at work? This kind of thing happens to the best of us; we sometimes lose the passion that we originally felt when we first began our careers and begin to feel lost, paralyzed and purposeless. Something has happened to us and we might not even understand what it is or how to deal with it. Despite realizing that something like this is going on, a lot of people are hesitant about making a career change because of fear. But getting past that fear is a necessary step to move forward. Imagine that it is a month later. You have been busy personalizing resumes for positions that interest you and sending them out. You have probably sent out resume after resume, and they have generated some interviews for you, but not a single job offer so far. When this kind of thing happens, your confidence can begin to snow dive and the excitement that you felt at first will suddenly be gone. Something inside you starts to tell you to give up. You start to think to yourself, “Can I actually do this?” A career coach in NJ can help with such a situation. 

Hope appears and disappears

Suddenly you get a phone call from human resources at a global corporation. You know about this company because you have always looked up to it and hoped to one day work there. You are offered an interview and this raises your self-esteem like never before; this one feels like it is the one! You are invited in for an interview. You’re overjoyed. You have a good feeling deep in your gut, this position feels right. But after the interview, an entire week goes by and there is no word from the company. Your confidence takes a dive again because of this. The process of changing careers, or even looking for a job in the same field, can feel more like a terrible roller coaster of emotions than anything else. You have been going from feeling hopeful and confident to feeling frustration and hopelessness and then back and forth! These feelings and others such as excitement, strength, apprehension, and uncertainty tend to accompany a career change. 

Steps to manage your emotions through a career change

Managing your emotions when you begin your career-changing journey is essential for survival and success. Here are a few steps that you can follow. 

  • You have to understand that emotions like hope and hopelessness are just part of the process and learn to accept them so that they do not overwhelm you.
  • Use visualization techniques to envision the final part of your journey where you finally get that new job. This will help you to remain positive and keep you emotionally sane even as you go through the negative parts of the journey. 
  • Do what you can to minimize negative thoughts and feelings. When you start to think that you are just not good enough, stop, breathe, and go back to the previous step! Tell yourself that you will eventually make it and turn those negative feelings and emotions into positive ones. 
  • Dedicate a few minutes to reflect on what you are doing right and what is not really working so that you can tweak your approach accordingly.

These and other proven steps can help you to get off that emotional roller coaster ride and find the success that you are looking for. Get more help and advice here: https://juliehancoaching.com/

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