second career for lawyers

There comes a point in almost any career where you start to wonder what things are like on the other side of the fence, where you start to yearn for a change of pace, some new challenge to excite you again. You crave for some new line of work to get the juices flowing and have you excited to wake up in the morning like when you first began your career as a lawyer. Choosing a second career for lawyers is no small thing and you’ll have to put some thought into it first before you take the leap to make a career change into a new field. Luckily there are plenty of solid options for your second career to choose from that will make good use the skills you honed practicing law over the years.

One very practical option if you still have in interest in the law but want to find a second career without the stress that comes with practicing the law is to become a law professor. Choosing to become a law professor as your second career is a great way to make great use of all the knowledge and experience over the years, but offers a real change of pace. As an article published by bestcompaniesaz describes making a lawyer to teacher career change:

If you’re passionate about the research and writing involved in law, you might enjoy being a law professor. While your primary job is to teach law students, law professors do plenty of research and writing about law behind the scenes. Beyond this, if you enjoy public speaking and thought-provoking discussions, you may find genuine enjoyment in teaching law students. This is a sensible avenue for those who wish to share their in-depth, firsthand experience in the legal field with students working toward a career in law.

There are plenty of options for choosing a second career as a lawyer. You could work for a corporation as an Analyst, you could work as an HR Director, as a CEO, or a Chief Financial Officer…there really are many second careers for lawyers to choose from might excite you. Don’t limit yourself by staying put in your current career if you are unhappy. You can reinvent yourself and start a new chapter in your professional life.

If you need someone to sound your ideas off of, or someone to help you identify how your current skills apply to a new field, working with an Attorney Career Coach is a great option. If you’d like to schedule a free career change consultation, feel free to contact me.

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