Career Coach Julie Han Explains What To Do If You Feel Your Career is Being Hindered

Has it ever, even if momentarily struck you that your efforts – no matter how consistent they are at the workplace – are not being duly recognized by the powers that be? You’re putting in the extra hours, sacrificing everything you’ve got into being the best you could ever be because you love what you do so much. Yet you haven’t so much as come close to hearing the word “promotion” from your boss ever since your interview. True, you’re likely to get discontented sooner rather than later but it is such a bad idea to confront your boss or look for a new job simply because you feel stalled in your career advancement. What you have to do is to assess your situation as calmly as possible and with proper NJ career guidance, try to figure out what’s going on. Here are a few steps to take when assessing your situation.

Assess Your Situation

Are You Being Stalled?

First of all, you ought to determine whether you career is indeed being hindered. If so, are there any reasons for you to believe that? For starters, you may want to lay your hands on your company’s employee handwork. This may bring to light all the conditions that an employee must meet before standing a chance for a pay rise or promotion. If you’ve satisfied yourself with the policies and are as certain as ever that your career is being stalled, then take the next step.

Observe Your Co Workers

By taking note of the upward movement of your colleagues, you can satisfy yourself as to whether you aren’t just making stuff up about your career being stalled. If amongst all your co-workers, you are the only one who is grappling in the dark, waiting for a raise or a promotion, then you may have a cause for concern. If none of your colleagues seems to be moving up, then it may well mean that management for one reason or the other may have put the lid on career advancements within the organization probably to maintain the balance because of challenging times. You may want to gather facts about stuff like these from your supervisor. If that’s the case, then it really is up to you to either make a career change or stick with your company until upward movement is once again possible.

Keep Track of Your Performance

If you realize that people around you are getting promoted left, right, center and you’re still stuck where you are, then chances are that you’re being hindered. What you ought to ask yourself is what is causing the hindrance. Is it you being side-lined by your supervisor or you doing yourself in by poor performances? Cast your mind back to your latest performance review and take note of the points you treated flippantly. For all you know, a change in the right direction is all it takes to get your career back rolling. If you’re hitting all the right spots but still seem somewhat hindered, then you may want to talk things out with your supervisor.

Take Professional Steps

It could be that he/she is dissatisfied with certain aspects of your work which is why he/she hasn’t put your name up for a promotion. If this is the case, then you have every right to dig in for the details. You should however do this in a very formal, objective and professional way. After the meeting with your supervisor, you may want to relay to him/her to be more forthcoming with you in future endeavours so you can improve your performance. This is of course if you are doing things that are displeasing. If the problem is through no fault of yours, then you should invite the HR to step in to have the matter resolved.

No matter where you find yourself in your career, you ought to be advancing if you’re hitting the right keys and doing a great job. It is important that you keep track of your performance, so that if you feel you’re being held back from advancing in your career, you can take the right steps in getting back on track. If you feel overwhelmed by everything that’s happening, you want to get in touch with Julie Han Coaching through for some solid career counseling and guidance sessions.

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