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How do you feel about your job? No career is enjoyable all of the time, but some people go to bed with a feeling of dread and wake up to go through the motions. Just because you obtained a degree or have experience in a particular field doesn’t mean it’s the one for you. While it seems impractical to make a drastic move like a lawyer-to-teacher career change, or to go from sales to opening a bakery, change can revolutionize the way you feel about life as a whole. Career coaches typically point to these five indicators to test whether you might be ready for a career change.

1. Your Work Constantly Drains You

If getting out of bed is becoming increasingly difficult and you feel exhausted by the end of the day, your job might be what’s depleting your energy. If you find yourself regularly bored by repetitive tasks, or your work responsibilities leave you with no emotional energy for relationships, something needs to change.

Look at the past few months and count up how many days you called in sick because you needed a mental health day. Pay attention to physical signals like digestive problems or migraines. Add to that how often you dragged in late or watched the clock to see how soon you could leave. If as soon as one holiday is over you start counting down toward the next, you’re wishing your life away doing something you don’t enjoy.

2. Your Heart’s Not in It

nj career coachingThere are some areas of your job you’ve started to neglect. In many tasks you feel like you’re just going through the motions, watching the clock or checking items off a task list. Where you used to be nervous before presentations, now you don’t really care how you’re perceived. You may feel you struggle just to keep up while everyone around you seems to excel at what they do.

If you find yourself constantly wishing you were somewhere else, you might need a change. Sometimes a season of discouraging results diminishes career enjoyment. Other times people trained for a career that wasn’t a good fit.

3. You’re Jealous of Other Peoples’ Careers

Jealousy can be a bad thing, or it can be an indicator of our deep inner desires. If you notice a friend expresses excitement over a project she’s been recently handed and it causes you envy, look inside to see why. Are you coveting the recognition her supervisor gave her or do you wish you felt the same passion for what you do every day? What types of jobs trigger feelings of jealousy?

4. You Hear Yourself Complaining

When people ask about your job, you roll your eyes. Instead of being proud of what you do, you hear yourself describing long days in an oppressive environment. Everyone experiences periodic dissatisfaction and would change some things about their job responsibilities, but if you find yourself regularly complaining because you dislike the work itself, you’ve lost the joy in what you do.

5. You Feel Trapped

Sometimes people know they hate their job, but they don’t feel like they have a choice. Instead of searching endlessly for ways to make your current career work, speak with someone who can help you discover new options and set new career goals. Working with a career coach can help you identify your strengths and skills and help you find work you love.

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