where do i find a life coach

It might sound like something out of a movie – hiring a famous actress-playing-a-successful-life-coach to help build your business or guide your career. The truth is that life coaching is a serious industry with real tangible benefits. Life coaches aren’t inspiring pep-talkers there to be your cheerleader, they’re objective observers prepared to give you their honest opinions about your strengths and weaknesses. No matter where you are in your life, a life coach has much to offer you.

What Do Life Coaches Do?

Think of hiring a life coach as bringing in an outside consultant for your life situation. Like counselors, life coaches advise you on how to achieve your goals and give advice on what to improve to accomplish what you want. A good life coach does more than sit on the sidelines cheering you on, he or she gives you concrete techniques to manage your life and reach your goals.

Who Could Benefit From a Life Coach?

There are many situations where you can consider a life coach. If you want to start your own business, for example, a life coach can help you manage your time and management skills to handle the challenges of running a business along with your other responsibilities.

If life is proving stressful, and you’re not sure how to strike the perfect work-life balance, a life coach can help you manage your commitments better to improve your life. Life coaches work to improve your confidence, not by telling you what you want to hear, but by telling you how you can reach the heights you want to reach. They give real, actionable information on improving all aspects of your life – from professional to personal.

What a Life Coach Can Do for You

what is a life coachA good life coach does not take control of your life; instead, a good coach works with you to develop a plan of action. They help you determine a strategy to approach the challenges in life and overcome hurdles that hold you back. Unlike therapists or counselors, though, they work intimately with your personal situation to customize advice based on what you need to achieve what you aspire to do.

Life coaches hold you accountable for your actions. By bringing in an outside, objective consultant, you have someone to help you understand your weaknesses as much as your strengths. Unlike a friend or relative, life coaches have no personal stake in your life – while they obviously want you to succeed, their own well-being isn’t on the table when it comes to your successes or failures. As such, they can help guide your actions in an unbiased fashion, and sometimes that’s all it takes to understand where you’re going wrong in life.

Ultimately, a life coach is more than a cheerleader-for-hire or a phoned-in friend. They are a professional consultant with years of experience helping people in all sorts of situations. A good life coach has worked with people in your exact circumstances before and knows precisely how to help you improve your life and find your own path. The best service a life coach can do is to empower you to take control of your own life.

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