tips from a career coach - identifying your transferable skills

The scenario is all too common. You’ve worked hard for years and years, maybe even risen up the ranks and are now in a management position at your job, but day after day of doing the same work is leaving you feeling unsatisfied. You feel as if your skills are going to waste. Or maybe it’s a question of having hit a plateau in terms of salary and it has you thinking of making a career change into a new industry, but you’re hesitant because you’re just not 100% sure that you posses the skills you need to change careers. Well, the good news is you can probably stop worrying. What you need to do is identify your transferable skills and see how they fit into the new career you’d like to transition into. What are transferable skills you ask? As an article in the balance puts it:

You may have acquired them through jobs, school, apprenticeshipsinternships, formal and informal training, hobbies, and volunteer experiences. There are six broad categories: Basic, People, Management, Clerical, Research and Planning, and Computer and Technical Skills. This list does not include the hard skills that allow you to perform your particular job, although you may be able to transfer them between occupations too.

So, just think about these basic transferable skill categories and how they apply to your current career. Perhaps you are a manager and have people skills such a providing constructive feedback to employees, or maybe you are an expert at fielding customer complaints. Perhaps you have such transferable skills as supervising employees or running meetings. Maybe you’ve got solid researching skills or tech skills that will apply to the career you want to change to. Don’t limit yourself, you probably have more transferable skills than you will give yourself credit for and it’s precisely these skills that can open new doors and help you make a successful career change and start a new chapter in life.

If you’re interested in making a career change and want some help identifying your transferable skills, a Career Coach can be a truly valuable asset. You don’t have to go it alone. Feel free to contact me for a free consultation to find out how career coaching can help you.

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