If you’ve been considering a change in your career, you might be having trouble figuring out where to start or what career you might like to enter into. If you know that you need a change of pace but aren’t sure where to go from there, it may be time to consider hiring a professional career coach in New Jersey to help guide you on your path. 

Success Starts With A Plan

There are steps that you can take to make your career change smooth and easy. Start by making a checklist. Learn what you want out of your new career and what you’ll need to do to get there, such as updating your resume, sending applications, and scheduling interviews. Once you know what you wish to gain from a new career, you need to start determining what industry you’d like to be employed in. 

The Coach’ Responsibility 

A career coach can  when it comes to planning a career change. for a career coach who specializes in the industry you’d like to enter into, such as the legal or medical field. Your coach will not only be able to  you plan a career move, will help you to improve your professional and leadership skills, provide feedback on your resume, and help you to prepare for interviews. Career coaching is particularly r individuals who need assistance improving their interpersonal skills . 

Form your Support Team

While you’re on the hunt for a new career opportunity, you should form a strong support team. In addition to you certified career coach, talking to your friends and family about possible career changes can be a great way to lower your stress levels. Having people close to you who can cheer you on and motivate you to reach your goals will help you to gain self confidence that will certainly carry into your interviews. 

Improve Your Online and Personal Label

Part of job hunting is cleaning up your past. You’ll want to rewrite any online profiles that you have, particularly if you use them professionally. You want to present a professional online presence for potential employers. Whether you’re in the process of entering into a new career or not, avoid posting dramatic or sensitive content; anything that may damage your reputation. Make your interactions with others online sincere and respectful. Having an active social network presence can be a good thing when it comes to applying for a new position, provided you have a good online reputation. 

Networking Opens Many Doors

You need to identify the people you have met professionally, as well as the ones that might have connections in your preferred industry. Try visiting places that people in your preferred industry are known to frequent or places where industry meetings typically occur. Remember that you don’t want to make connections with just anyone; you want these to be meaningful and lasting relationships with individuals and groups that are well rooted in the industry you wish to enter into. You may need to leave your comfort zone to make the best connections, but you’ll find it increasingly rewarding when it comes to your career change.

Don’t Be Afraid To Think Outside The Box

When it comes to applying for a new position, you want to consider ways that you might stand out as the best applicant. Thoroughly read the job specifications and preferred qualifications in order to find areas that you can single out on your own resume to improve. For instance, a job focusing on leadership would most likely require you to have leadership training, which you can get from a career coach and highlight on your resume or application. Consider how the use of technology could improve your resume. Modernize your application with a video resume, provide social channels that you use professionally as a means of follow up, as well as the traditional phone number and email outlets. 

Start Your Journey With A Career Coach

When you’re ready to get started on the path to a new career, contact a NJ career coach like Julie Han. A well known and certified career coach, Julie Han can help you prepare your resume and interview material, help you choose the right career, and give you the skills you need to succeed in your industry. Check out https://juliehancoaching.com to find more ways to get into your dream job today. 

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