career changeWhen you think about turning 50, switching jobs usually isn’t in the cards — but for many, the itch to change jobs can be impossible to ignore. Midlife career changes can be desired by anyone, even if you’re happy in your current career. Consider these factors before you make any midlife career changes.

Your Financial Situation
Are you in a good position financially to make a career change? Even if it doesn’t work out? You don’t want to put yourself in a desperate financial situation when you’re making a major life decision.

If you don’t have a cushioned savings account, the shift to a new job can be difficult, especially if you’re losing benefits. Additionally, you have to ask yourself if the career change will support your lifestyle — it seems superficial, but if you eat steak multiple times a week, a pay cut will result in a diet change. Even if you want to try your hand at a job that pays less, make sure you have another job lined up before you quit your current one to guarantee an income.

Going to School
Many jobs nowadays require a degree, but you might not have time to go get your bachelor’s degree, nor the funds. Luckily, many career options only require a two-year degree or a vocational license. Dental hygienists can get a degree in two years and an occupational therapy assistant needs an associate’s degree in that field. Of course, you need money to pay for the schooling but two-year options seem more attainable than a four-year degree.

Talk to a Life Coach
Talking to a New Jersey life and career coach is a great option for someone caught on the fence. Life coaching can be a great way to gain an unbiased perspective before you go through any major life decisions; however, they are a great way for you to cope with any sort of transitional time in life, like if you got laid off and are dealing with a divorce. They can also help you develop life skills to get you through these trying times.

In the end, you should do what feels right for you. Analyzing these factors and applying it to your own situation takes time. The average American changes their jobs upwards of ten times in their life, so it’s okay to change careers if you want to. Talk to a life coach if you’re looking focus your career direction.