Are you thinking about a new job? Some people think that Summer is not the right time to start looking for a job since it seems like everyone is on vacation and companies have slowed operations down; while it might seem that during summer companies are not actually hiring, this not true at all. A career coach in New Jersey can be of great help. I got together with Jennifer Faris, a Senior Recruiter with Vanguard, to get to the bottom of this job searching myth.

Do companies stop hiring during Summer?

This is obviously not true. Companies do not slow operations down just because it happens to be Summer; they still require people to work and positions to be filled so that they can do what they do! Faris does concede that certain positions do tend to follow a specific recruiting cycle that makes them better sought after during certain months of the year, but those positions are few and should not affect when you look for a job. Summer might even be a better time to start looking! Consider these four points:

1. You will encounter less competition

If so many people think that Summer is bad for job hunting, then there will be fewer people going after the position that you want! Standing out from others to recruiters can be good for your prospects of being chosen and having less competition means a better chance that you will! Just because others have chosen to leave their job search for later does not mean that you have to!

2. Recruiters are not as busy as they often are

During the Summer months recruiters usually have more time on their hands since they are not involved in other things such as year-end activities that take a big chunk out of their workday. So if those recruiters are not currently out on vacation, they will certainly have more time to spend on you.

3. Getting time off to go to your interview will not be as difficult

It feels great to get that interview after submitting your paperwork for a position, but then actually having the time to go to it can be a bit complicated because of your current position. The last thing that you want is for your current employer to suspect that you are looking for a new job. The fortunate thing here, says Faris, is that because there is a more relaxed atmosphere and less work during Summer, you will be able to get away without raising suspicions.

4. Your networking contacts will be more flexible about meetings

Your network of contacts will be very beneficial to you while you are searching for that new job. In Summer they too will have more free time and will be more open to leaving their office and duties to get together with you. This will be true for new contacts as well! Here is a place to get more information:

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