Everyone has a purpose in life and we are continuously striving to achieve more in the best way we can. However, many of us fail to explore our inner desires and skills, that’s why most goals end up being unattained dreams. Do you ever sit down and think about longer-term goals? What is it that you want for your future? What is the direction that you’re headed in? Because otherwise, we tend to fall into our habits, routines and forget the most important things. Career coach New Jersey has set out tips that will help you set long-term goals and how you can commit yourself to achieve them.

Goals Setting Tips

Sometimes, we don’t set goals not because we don’t want to but because we don’t know how to and that’s why Career coach New Jersey has analyzed a few tips that you can employ and start setting new goals.

Knowing All Of Your Goals

Get a piece of paper and write down all of your goals regardless of how big or small they are, it really doesn’t matter. Just think of all the things you’d like to accomplish and put them down on a piece of paper. They can be about your career, business, health, relationships or anything else you aspire to do.

Discover The Goal Beneath Your Goal

Take the list of goals you’ve written down and start going through them. The logic behind doing that is to figure out the real purpose beneath your goal. Often we go about telling ourselves that we need to accomplish something, but little do we know there is always a much stronger drive behind it. What do I mean? Let’s take the example of an employee looking forward to getting a promotion.

One may think that all they need is a promotion or a salary raise but what they truly want is validation for their hard work, getting a pat on their back for their outstanding job deserving recognition. Realizing the real force behind your goal may help you take a very different approach and view life from a new perspective.

Ask Yourself If Your Goals Come From Personal Yearning Or External Obligation

It’s essential to know things you want for yourself and not what your family or the society expects of you. Most people are doing something they never planned to do in their lives, and they’re okay with that. You can’t blame them, sometimes life takes different turns. It can also be due to external influences, feeling indebted to their parents, pressure from societal standards and thinking they have no other choice. But as time goes by, they realize all the choices made weren’t for them but their loved ones. So make sure the goals you’ve noted down come from your personal yearning and not some external obligation.

Prioritize Your Goals

Classify your goals according to their importance and put some actionable items underneath each of the goals. That will be a constant reminder that you’ve some concrete steps towards accomplishing what you set out for each goal.


For every goal, there must be a strategic plan to achieve it. Think of all the things you could do differently to accomplish your goal. Write some ‘I will’ statements for instance ‘I’ll save $100 each month for my medical degree tuition fee.’ This will bind you to the quest and make you stick to the plan.

Award Yourself

Think of rewards you can give yourself each time you accomplish each one of those actionable items. That’s because sometimes you need to celebrate small victories and congratulate yourself on getting a step closer towards your goal. Also, doing this is self-motivating to keep going harder for what you believe.

Hopefully, these tips will help you set up new goals and figure out a way to execute them. We are all a part of something way bigger but scared to act on it due to our insecurities or external influence. Stop focusing on goals that feel more like an obligation and concentrate on things that truly bring joy, meaning, and money into your life. To learn more about goals setting click https://juliehancoaching.com/ and it’ll direct you to our website where there is much more in store for you.

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