need a career changeAs a young professional, you likely entered your career with pure drive and excitement. But as the years went by, you may have lost some of this gusto. While it is perfectly natural to get bored with your career or lose spark, remember that this does not have to be your reality. There are ways to reignite your fire and move forward stronger than ever before. To get you started on your search for your passion, consider these simple tips.

  • Revisit your core purpose
    Grab a pen and notebook, and write down why you are in this career. You might find that it flows out naturally, or you could notice that you struggle to even write one word. And perhaps what you have on the paper just doesn’t feel right anymore. Step away from the paper, coming back to it periodically to revise until you find something that feels inspiring.
  • Introduce learning opportunities
    If your career is feeling stale, you might have stopped learning long ago. Find opportunities to update your practice, earn a unique certification, or challenge your way of thinking. These new job and life skills could revolutionize the way you look at your potential.
  • Learn to identify change
    Remember that your drive, purpose, and methods don’t need to be the same as when you started your career. Change in your profession does not mean a loss of passion. Recognize this change and embrace its potential.
  • Surround yourself with other passionate professionals
    Find peers and mentors that are taking exciting career directions. Latch on to their momentum and try to collaborate in some way. They could help reignite your passion and perspective.

  • Know when you need a career change
    A loss of passion in your career could mean it’s time to change careers. Between 2015 and 2016, 6.2 million U.S. workers (4% of the total workforce) switched from one occupation to another. Even if you have been in the same business for years, there is nothing wrong with looking for a career change. Remember that this is your life and you deserve to take a path that you are passionate about.

Whether you simply need to see your job from a new perspective or need a career change, remember that it all starts with taking an honest look at your core purpose. By doing so, you can reach a career that is fulfilling.